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Weather-Related Closings & Delays

When weather is in question, ACSC utilizes a call system in Powerschool to contact every family in ACS concerning the needed information on closings and delays.  For this reason, it is very important for families to keep their child's school informed of any changes in home/cell numbers needed for emergency.  This information should be reported to the school registrar as soon as possible.
ACSC also communicates all closings and delays with local radio and TV stations including Channels 6, 8 & 13.  
A 2-hr delay means that elementary buildings will open at 10:50 am with no breakfast being served.  
Bus times will remain on the same 2-hour schedule of delay (add two hours to normal stop time.) . With this in mind, students should be ready for buses on time and be aware that they could be running a few minutes early or late depending on road conditions for pickup.  Please make every effort to monitor your students near bus stops when it is cold and snow-covered.